About Ghostsynth


What can I say, I’ve been making music for many years now and enjoying every minute of it. I love the idea of being able to express myself through music and hope people will enjoy what I do. I have a broad taste in music and always keep an open mind about what I am hearing.

I live in Hackney, London and have done so all my life and feel privileged being in such an artistically diverse and sometimes crazy city.

At the present I am putting a couple of new tracks together and hope to unleash them pretty soon.

If you want to find out more, you can read more in my Biography.




White labels were sold, equipment was bought, Ghostsynth was born…

So how did I get started making music? Well… growing up in a household where music was always playing helped, our family were always playing music: our mum was forever blaring out Greek music, either on worn out tapes or her collection of scratched multicoloured 7″s. My older brother (one of the original pioneer DJ’s of UK hip hop) usually with his crew in situ was always cutting up the deadliest and most obscure break beats around. It was a great time!! I saw many of the legends of Old School UK Hip Hop pass through our doors! As the 80s wound down, my brother and his friends gradually began edging into the production side of music. I will never forget the day when he and various members of his crew had excitedly returned from Tottenham Court Road with a brand new Atari ST, keyboard and the world famous Akai S950 sampler…. They were like kids with new toys!!! We laugh about it now but at that time, the gear looked like it had just come straight out of a Sci-Fi movie.

A little while later, I remember getting back from school, and as usual, my brother was in his room making a track. I went up to see him but just at that point the phone rang so he quickly went downstairs to get the call. I remember sitting down in front of the keyboard while surrounded by all this lit up equipment… I started pressing each key on the keyboard one by one and heard all these mad sounds and loops screaming from the speakers.. THAT WAS IT!! I instantly fell in love with it!! and so from then on, any opportunity when he wasn’t using his gear, I would ask if I could mess around with it. I was hooked…….

…the 90s…

I will always remember the day my other brother came home from work with a record in his hand. It was a famous rave tune at the time. I remember listening to it and being absolutely blown away by its sounds and intensity. At that time the UK hardcore scene was thriving and you would hear these manic sounds everywhere while pirate radio battled to keep us entertained with the latest white label releases. Then as time gradually passed, Drum n bass grew mighty. Being from Hackney in London, I felt we were at the center of things. I lived and breathed music and so it was only natural that I gradually began making my own tunes, just like my brother used to do. I began with Hardcore and gradually moved to drum n bass before finally settling with house music…. It’s a journey that many of you have taken in one form or another. Enjoy your art, love your family, cherish your friends and keep moving straight ahead….